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Kerala is well-known throughout the country for the high-quality services it provides to elders in luxury old age homes. The old age homes are trying each and every approach of different sorts to deliver one of the top homely experiences to the seniors.

Some of these ideas are pretty unique and quite beneficial to elders. In this article, you will come to know about specific items that some notable senior care homes are incorporating each day for their inhabitants and are yet to be appreciated for them. So, let’s have a look at them.

Five underappreciated things that you will get in the retirement homes in Kerala

The following are some of the most underappreciated things that the best old age home chain in Kerala under the Travancore Foundation are offering to their senior residents. 

An intimate approach towards nutrition and healthcare

All luxury old age homes make a concerted effort to offer nutritious meals and maintain proper nutritious diets for their inhabitants. However, at some time, the residents still miss the homely touch in the food provided by the retirement homes.

The best old age home uses highly experienced gourmet chefs to oversee the cooking operations while preserving the homely touch in each and every recipe. For example, they strive to incorporate at least one local food every day and follow the native recipe while doing so.

Not only that, but they also maintain a very high level of hygiene and customer service at their establishments. Healthy, tasty, and wholesome vegetarian cuisine, whether for regular meals, on-the-go snacks or drinks, or unique dishes for special occasions, holidays, or festivals, is produced hygienically using organic ingredients. Into the platter goes only food cooked in pristine kitchens. One of the best aspects is that these nutritious diets can be delivered for a low bidding fee.

Green campus and an incredible ambience

The paid old age homes in Kerala are still attempting to maintain the originality of nature by including as much vegetation and greenery as possible within the facility’s grounds. They emphasise the importance of maintaining and preserving nature. As a result, the campus’s atmosphere stays healthy and fresh at all times. They are stretching out across vast expanses that comprise many acres of land.

These luxury old age homes are built from the bottom up with seniors’ comfort and convenience in mind. This is reflected in both the infrastructure of the ILUs (Independent Living Units) and the shared infrastructure.

Some of the common infrastructures you may find at paid senior citizen living houses in a retirement village include groomed lawns, numerous recreational facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor activities, shared community halls, restaurant-style cafeterias, and supermarkets on campus. All of these infrastructures are designed with nature’s needs in mind.

Personalised care with constant support

Personal care services are available at any of the best old age home chains throughout the day, night, or 24 hours a day and include cleanliness, nutrition, medicine, physical aid in movements using a walker/wheelchair, and light massage. However, in Kerala, there are evolved forms of personal care and comfort that need to be recognised. 

They provide specialist dementia care, in which caregivers arrange for specialised care for elders with neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s. They aid in the battle against memory loss by involving the patient in cognitively stimulating activities on a regular basis and providing properly supervised care. 

Another kind is Parkinson’s care. Specialised care is provided for the elderly with reduced control over their neuromuscular movements in Parkinson’s care. Patients with Parkinson’s disease commonly feel shivering/shaking of their arms/legs; such elders require physical assistance for eating, sitting, walking, and sleeping to avoid accidental falls/slipping. Having a qualified caretaker might help avoid unfavourable events and keep kids safe.

Livelihood Support

In most cases, seniority is synonymous with retirement. However, the elderly also need to contribute to their livelihoods from time to time to sustain their families financially. In such cases, old-age houses in Kerala can assist. It is pretty difficult for a senior member to find a source of his own income. As a result, they require expert assistance and advice. 

The retirement facilities mobilise the elderly through the development of Elder-Self-Help-Groups (ESHGs) focused on long-term revenue production. To increase the resiliency of these ESHGs, they are federated into higher-level community organisations. There are many retirement institutions in Kerala, such as the Travancore Foundation, which assists the elderly in regaining dignity. This is one of the lovely efforts made by Kerala’s old-age institutions, which should receive a lot of help and encouragement.

Community Building and a greater sense of involvement

For the paid old age homes in Kerala, this is another vital aspect. They make sure that loneliness is not present in any manner on campus. They make certain that all inhabitants can participate in some sort of community. They offer various seminars and training sessions to bring together like-minded people.

Apart from this, they also organise donation camps where individuals who love to do social welfare come together and work to achieve something noble. So, at an old age home in Kerala, you may discover sacral communities in which the old age homes are continually involved to do excellent work and achieve perfection. They obtain more incredible camaraderie and are less likely to feel left out or bored at any time.


You must have recognised by now what the unique qualities of Kerala’s paid old age homes necessitate greater appreciation and recognition around the country. They are attempting to be very inventive in their applications while also effectively providing outstanding service to all residents.