If you are a first time parent, bravo. Congratulations are in order for you. It is exciting to be a parent, especially a first time parent. It is a moment that people wait with a lot of patience. This is one of those moments when you feel like you are on top of the world. However, most of the time, the world rolls on as nothing has happened, as if in defiance of the fact that you are now a dad or a mom! The world rolls on as if to say you are not the first one to be a parent. It rolls as if to say your joy is short lived.

Do It Your Way. The challenge is, as a new parent, can you defy the world and prove that you are a new breed of parents? Beware that advice of all kind will come from all directions. The new breed of parents is one that nods politely in acknowledgement and appreciation of any advice taken. Of the advice given, take the good advice and integrate it with your own parenting knowledge to do it your own way. Parenting is an adventure. It is discovery. It is very personal. Therefore, do it your way and enjoy it, without apologies.

What They Will Never Tell You. I feel it is important for you to know that your baby will bring you many guests. Friends and relatives will come visiting. New life brings joy, happiness and excitement in society.

However, there are things they will never tell you. They never tell that you will do a lot of washing. They never tell you that your baby will wake up at 2 am and keep you awake till morning; that you will never complain when they pee on you; that your house will at times be messy. They never tell you these things.

Then follow your guts, full stop. Follow your instincts. There are many conventional ways of parenting and dealing with your child. But as you strive to follow them, obey your instincts. In parenting, the instincts of a parent are very strong because of the bond the parent has with the child. They are like an unspoken code between them. No one understands your child better than you.

Parenting Information: There are tons upon tons of parenting information available out there. The web is always a click away. Health care and parenting experts are a phone call away. Therefore, with so much information about all things parenting, with so many people willing to help where necessary, nothing should stress you. But remember, DOING IT YOUR WAY by FOLLOWING YOUR INSTINCTS is the best approach.

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