Gaming remains one of the most dominant pillars of online entertainment. Do you know, that 200 million individuals visit YouTube daily to watch gaming-related streams and videos?

In the third quarter of 2021, YouTube Gaming Live generated about 1.31 billion hours of content watched. According to Nielsen, about 64% of the US population of 13+ plays video games. The popularity reflects in the videos watched on YouTube. Two of the top five YouTube channels with the most subscribers worldwide are related to gaming.

By now, you know that gaming videos are one of the most popular content online. Several gamers have amassed loyal followings with their engaging styles, never failing to elevate gaming to an extraordinary level. You can also be a successful gamer if you have the right guidance and the required software.

Tips to Get Started on YouTube

  1. Focus on One Game

When you start a YouTube channel on gaming, it could be tempting to play every game. You might even start doing that and, after some time, it may seem like a good idea to shift your focus to other games. However, as a creator, you have to understand that in order to grow your channel, you must choose and concentrate on just one game.

From a technical point of view, YouTube’s algorithm rewards simple content strategy. If YouTube knows you are a creator, putting up videos about one particular game, it can recommend your video to like-minded individuals.

So the first step is to select your genre and understand what games you enjoy playing the most. This decision will help you come up with creative ideas and comprehend what your audiences want.

Since the market is competitive, it is best to start putting up content for a popular game while it is in its pre-launch stage. So whenever the game launches, you might have a chance to rank in search.

  1. Gameplay Type

Before you sign-up and start uploading videos to your channel, you have to decide on the video style you will make. Choosing your niche will help you strengthen your performance. Here are some popular ones that you can choose from:

  • Walkthrough

If you know some special tricks and techniques of a game, you can explain them to your viewers too. Show your expertise with a walkthrough. This content is precious because the newbies and other gamers constantly look for ways to learn new ways to polish their skills and play better.

  • Breaking Records

People desire to see the best YouTube gaming, and if you can break some records, you will be much sought after. Here’s the good thing: there’s no shortage of records to break.

  • Reviews

You can play and review your experience with the different games and their features in a video. You can easily find video editing apps online and merge some humor-related content and your adventure through these various games. These kinds of video content are quite popular because viewers get a fair idea of the game.

  • Livestream

You can consider live streaming if you love playing each day. Live streaming is skyrocketing, and viewers get an original look inside the lives of gamers. About 73% of YouTube gamers revealed that they enjoy watching others play games.

  1. Find the Best Editing Software

Producing professional videos is one of the major concerns for novices. But with numerous online video editors available, you are basically spoilt for choices. Go through reviews online, search for some recommended video editing apps and try creating some samples before jumping to conclusions.

Editing software provides unique designs easy for beginners to use. It only takes a few minutes to familiarise oneself with the video editing tools and produce quality content.

This way, you will give your viewers some high-definition visuals.

  1. Find the Right Equipment

Once you have named your channel, you are ready to create your filming set. You can either choose your room or home office space for that. Here are a few items:

  • Microphone: Several gamers add voices to their videos. Invest in good quality audio so that your viewers can follow and enjoy it.
  • Digital camera: You can either purchase a DSLR camera or a webcam to record yourself while playing.
  • Lighting: Believe it or not, lighting plays a huge role while shooting. So create a lit shot if you want to show your face.
  • Green screen: When live streaming, several gamers use a green screen. The green screen removes the background.
  1. Build a Community

Building a community is all about sharing, connecting, and collaborating with users on YouTube. You need to put an effort in building a community and growing it. It doesn’t happen overnight. The best you can do is keep creating content and stay in touch with viewers and other gamers. This will help you gain new subscribers and expose you to others’ subscribers.

Collaborations can be intimidating for some at the beginning, but they will only help you gain knowledge and create a loyal user base. Whatever number of viewers you have, interacting with them will help you gain motivation and inspiration for new content ideas. 

Another fun fact: about 56% of YouTube gamers revealed that YouTube is where they connect with the gaming community.


Do the work, start small, take your time, and create valuable content for your YouTube viewers. Follow these little steps, and you will find yourself already building a community on YouTube.

Whether you want to become a pro player or just share your skills, creating visual content will give your channel an inviting look. Using these tips above should make your YouTube journey a lot easier.