Bee pollen presents dietary food for bees. It is a natural combination of bee secretions, honey, enzymes, wax, and flower pollen. Bee pollen may well have some positive aspects for human beings, but accumulating it might adversely impact the health of the bees and even demolish the colony.

Quite a few folks regard bee pollen as a superfood simply because of its a lot of nutrients others see it as a all-natural therapeutic item that has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiviral homes. Consuming bee pollen may possibly not suit people with allergic reactions to flower pollen or bee stings.

However, inspite of its prospective added benefits to human beings, harvesting pollen for an extended time period may well adversely have an effect on the bees and result in the colony to die out.

Bees forage and collect pollen from a variety of crops. When the bees return to the beehive with the pollen, it turns into foodstuff for the colony in the type of fat, minerals, and proteins. It may possibly also consist of other compounds, these types of as enzymes, bee wax, honey, and nectar.

The kind of vegetation the bees harvest, with each other with other elements, impacts the composition of the bee pollen.

As a solution for human use, bee pollen seems as smaller yellowish-orange to dark brown or black granules. The pollen has a sweet, floral taste that may differ based on which vegetation the bees gathered it from.

How to try to eat bee pollen

Persons can use bee pollen in numerous methods, these kinds of as a topping on cereals, yogurt, or salad, or in smoothies or equivalent beverages. It is also readily available as a health supplement.

Even so, choose care when making use of pollen items might induce allergic signs or symptoms, such as shortness of breath or anaphylaxis.

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Bee pollen is a complicated food. There are about 200 lively substances in pollen, together with:

Pollen also consists of the next essential nutritional compounds:

Some conventional medicinal practitioners use bee products and solutions, such as pollen, as a sort of medication. Working with bee goods to advantage wellbeing is acknowledged as apitherapy.

Bee pollen is made up of many energetic compounds that may have antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties.


Bee pollen has antioxidants, vitamins, and other compounds, and may well decrease harm in the cells from cost-free radicals or oxidative worry. It might also secure cells from destruction because of to ultraviolet (UV) gentle from the solar.

Nevertheless, levels of antioxidants in bee pollen can change commonly centered on the plant styles and developing situations in the space where bees gathered the pollen.

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A 2011 examine into the antimicrobial, antioxidant, and proteasome proteins of Greek pollen, indicated that high degrees of the flavonoids quercetin and kaempferol in bee pollen could be responsible for its antimicrobial activity.

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Analysis in animal types indicates that bee pollen might have anti-inflammatory qualities.

Other animal-primarily based exploration from 2010 indicated that bee pollen extract diminished irritation in rats. In a different review from the similar year, mice with liver disorder confirmed anti-inflammatory results just after consuming bee pollen.

Having said that, scientists need to have out even further studies to validate regardless of whether these benefits implement in people.

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Some bee goods, such as bee pollen, may perhaps have other wellness gains. However, much more human-centered investigation is necessary to validate any valuable outcomes.

Some of these probable added benefits are:

Regulating the immune technique

2010 analysis post signifies that compounds in bee pollen could help regulate the immune system by increasing personal immune response in the cells or stimulating the immune cells when needed. Bee pollen compounds, such as flavonoids, unstable oils, and steroids, might reduce the effect of allergy symptoms on the immune method.

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Promoting wound healing

Bee pollen could aid with some types of wound therapy, these types of as burns. Animal-centered research suggests that an ointment made up of bee pollen extract killed microbes on fresh melt away wounds and promoted wound closure, dashing up therapeutic and, possibly, stopping secondary troubles.

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Guarding against heart ailment

Bee pollen may well lower the danger of coronary heart ailment. Investigate showed that pollen extracts lessen blood lipids and cholesterol stages and may aid protect from coronary heart disease and stroke. In versions of coronary heart condition, bee pollen lessens atherosclerosis plaques and aids continue to keep clots from forming.

An animal-dependent review indicates bee pollen extract may possibly aid cut down the development of fatty acid deposits in the arteries.

Nonetheless, results from animal-centered scientific studies may perhaps not automatically translate to individuals, and experts will require to have out more research to verify this.

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Combating versus most cancers cells

A 2014 assessment located that some bee goods may possibly assistance fight tumor cells in different products of most cancers. However, the research used distinct varieties of bee merchandise, like honey, royal jelly, and propolis.

There is no existing evidence that bee pollen has any impact on most cancers in human beings.

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Allergic reactions, solution contamination, and interaction with prescription drugs, such as blood thinners, are all attainable problems with bee products. Any person taking into consideration making use of bee pollen really should communicate with their health practitioner to start with.

Allergy symptoms

Persons who are allergic to pollen ought to get in touch with their allergist or health practitioner prior to applying any pollen products and solutions. A person with an allergy to bees or bee stings must also stay clear of pollen items.


Bee pollen is a organic solution, and there is the possibility of contamination throughout collection by the bugs, this sort of as mould from decomposing crops. This substance could probably contaminate a batch of bee pollen. Inappropriate storage could result in bee pollen to crack down.


Bee pollen and its compounds may possibly interact with some medicines. A human being should seek medical tips prior to including bee pollen to their food plan.


A man or woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding might want to prevent bee merchandise or converse to their medical doctor before employing them.

Bees use pollen as brood meals, to feed the queen, and for the speedy improvement of freshly emerged employee bees.

Pollen is necessary to bees. Investigation indicates that if there is not ample pollen in the hive due to lengthy-time period harvesting by people, the colony may well not survive. On the other hand, pollen trapping in the small phrase, which professionals define 3–4 months, may not have any adverse effects.


When bees enter a hive, they deposit modest amounts of pollen on the outside the house of the hive, which people today can obtain or harvested by hand. Individuals can also use pollen traps to harvest bee pollen.

Pollen traps

Normally used by industrial beekeepers, pollen traps are products placed beneath or at the front of the entrance to the hive. They are usually both plastic or a metallic mesh. Bees returning to the hive have to walk through the mesh entice to enter the hive and, as they do so, the mesh scrapes some of the pollen off their legs into a collection tray.

In a person research, researchers made use of a pollen lure positioned at the entrances to beehives populated by several kinds of bees, which include the honeybee Apis mellifera. The research concluded that the bees manufactured fewer pollen in the hives that had pollen traps.

Does harvesting pollen hurt bees?

When harvesters or producers use pollen traps for an prolonged interval, a quantity of adverse consequences can arise, which includes:

  • disorder amounts
  • wax production
  • honey output
  • adult inhabitants
  • brood rearing
  • colony survival

Having said that, scientists propose that there may well be other, extra sustainable ways to acquire bee pollen, these kinds of as improved trap design.

Anybody who is uncertain if they can use bee pollen should really talk to with their doctor before consuming the merchandise. Similarly, people who system to just take bee pollen routinely need to look at with their medical doctor about achievable interactions with medications.

If a man or woman has symptoms of an allergic response, these types of as issue respiratory, swelling in the deal with, or a skin rash, just after utilizing pollen, they must look for quick healthcare consideration.

Bee pollen is a elaborate food stuff with possible overall health positive aspects. Nevertheless, much more human-centered reports are needed to provide evidence of bee pollen positive aspects. Health supplements, these as bee pollen, can not exchange a well balanced diet regime.