Aesthetic Housing Interior With Yorkshire Best Accent Chairs

One of the few pieces of furniture that you should not forget to add to your home is an accent chair. It can make any space including the living room, bedroom, and hallways more visually interesting. Unlike the sofa and dining chairs that come in a set, it is a solitary piece. Anyone visiting your house can use this furniture as a basis to get to know more of your personality and taste preference. If your current accent chair is no longer a reflection of you, then get yourself a new one from the Yorkshire Upholstery Fabric Shop. 

The Yorkshire Upholstery Fabric Shop is one of the most popular companies in the United Kingdom. It offers all kinds of accent chairs to give everyone a wide range of options. It takes pride in being one of the few shops that provide homeowners with truly and authentically different pieces of furniture. It becomes possible because it hires only weavers and artisans who have high expertise in the industry. Check out the accent chairs below that are manufactured by the shop and determine which one will suit your house best. 

  1. Bargello Accent Chair

The Bargello accent chair is made out of beautiful and soft fabrics with floral velvet patterns that can easily go with Japanese styled-house full of neutral colors. When buying it, you will not have to spend time and effort assembling it. You can immediately place it in the corner you allocated for your accent chair. To maintain its quality and prevent color fading, you must regularly bring it to a professional for cleaning purposes. To make it an even more relaxing space in your house, you can add several cushions with covers. It will work best with the Mazahua Tribal handmade cushions offered by the brand because of their complementary color and designs.

  1. Kobe Accent Chair

The Kobe Accent chair is dominated by bright yellow and blue which can make your house more vibrant and welcoming. It is made out of soft chenille fabric and the manufacturer filled it with foam to guarantee a comfortable seating area. Aside from that, it comes with a footstool which other accent chairs fail to have. If you want to add more creativity to the furniture, you may opt to purchase handmade cushions. The shop offers several handmade cushions with a variety of colors and designs. Make sure to take advantage of the fabric finder feature to discover the best handmade cushions based on your preferred color style, material, and price.  The JO-1214 handmade cushions are the most recommended to pair with this accent chair.

  1. Modena Accent Tub Chair

The Modena Accent Tub Chair is a great piece of furniture to maximize limited space. It occupies horizontal space more than the vertical space due to its height of 93 cm and width of 80 cm. It is made out of soft weave fabric and composed of a lot of foams. In terms of color, it is only available in beige which can add class and elegance to your house. To add a layer of style, you must pair it with the Zoque Kilim Tribal handmade cushions. You are free to customize its size and the option with a larger dimension would demand a higher retail price.

  1. Padua Accent Chair

The Padua Accent Chair is manufactured using silver gray upholstered velvet fabrics. On the side and at the back of this furniture, you can see the eye-catching geometric pattern. Its height is 105 cm with a width of 55 cm which is another great space-saving chair to place in your small house. To ensure that you will not feel any sort of discomfort when using it, you may add handmade cushions with an Amalfi patchwork pattern which is also available in the shop. These handmade cushions are made in velvet fabrics with a width of 145 cm. To ensure that they are of high quality, the shop subjected them to a rub test. 


Visiting the Yorkshire Fabric Shop is one of the best decisions that you can make because it is where you can find the best furniture items. If you are not located in the United Kingdom, you may order from its website. The delivery is pretty fast so expect that you can receive the item in no time! 

Amelia J. Bell

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