Porsche will soon control Bugatti, and they’re planning something with Rimac

Hyper-luxury hypercar maker Bugatti’s place in the greater VW Group has always been a little awkward, sitting above such almost-competitive brands as Porsche, Lamborghini and Bentley but remaining a small presence with a big reputation. Now, as part of a reorganization, Bugatti is likely being moved under Porsche’s control, as VW CEO Herbert Diess revealed this week — and they’re planning on setting up a joint venture with Rimac. The more 1,800-hp electric hypercars, the merrier, right?


Jeep’s hybrid Wrangler can go 21 miles on electricity alone

Jeep’s new plug-in hybrid Wrangler 4xe points towards the brand’s future, where electric motors make off-roaders more efficient and more powerful while enabling near-silent driving through nature. Now, the EPA has revealed how far you can go on electrons alone: the Wrangler 4xe offers 21 miles of electric range. During that time, it’ll get 49 mpg equivalent; once the gas engine kicks in, you’ll average 20 miles per gallon.


The feds are investigating Tesla over a spate of recent crashes

Ford planning two more midsize electric SUVs for the near future

The Mustang Mach-E may be the first electric crossover from Ford, but it damn sure won’t be the last. Ford Authority learned this week that two more midsized EV SUVs — likely a Ford and a Lincoln — will be built alongside the Mach-E at Ford’s Cuautitlan Assembly Plant in Mexico. Expect them to arrive in late 2022 or early 2023.


Porsche is running a March Madness competition for the best color

The Alpha Wolf may be the coolest electric truck we’ve seen

This week, EV startup Alpha Motors unveiled the Wolf, which is a small, retro, off-roading pickup. It will deliver 250–275 miles of range and purportedly start around $40,000 before the federal tax credit…and we already want one. Alpha Motors is currently taking reservations on its website.


Acura’s new sport sedan is coming this May to kick some S

We drove Acura’s superb new 2021 TLX sedan earlier this year. Now, Acura has given us the details about the even hotter Type S version, which will go on sale in May. It will bump up to a 3.0-liter V6 with 355 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque. Acura says starting MSRP will be in the low-$50,000 range.

Like the idea of the TLX Type S, but need a bit more space for the fam? Acura also has a Type S version of the all-new MDX crossover coming later this year too.


Hyundai can make even a minivan look sexy

Hyundai has revealed the design details of its new multi-purpose vehicle (a.k.a. minivan), the Staria. It looks like, well, the minivan of the future. It will offer expansive windows, high luxury and configurations seating between two and 11 passengers. Alas, Hyundai confirmed to CNet that the Staria will not be sold in America.


Mini is the latest brand to announce it’s going electric

This week, Mini became one of the latest brand to announce it will cease selling combustion vehicles when the British ban on them goes into effect in 2030. The brand’s last combustion vehicle will debut in 2025.

Mini’s German parent company BMW, meanwhile, said it’s taking a different approach. They definitely plan to sell electric cars, but will continue developing hybrids and combustion engines while there is a market for them.


♫ Toss a coin to your Elon, o Valley of plenty ♫

Tesla added some official company titles in a filing with the SEC. Musk, in addition to being CEO, is now formally known as the “Technoking of Tesla.” Tesla CFO Zachary Kirkhorn is also now the “Master of Coin.” We presume Musk’s devoted Internet denizens will find this hilarious.


Enter to win this stunning electric Himalaya Defender

Love the idea of a vintage Defender, but not so keen on the poor fuel economy? Well, Himalaya, one of the best custom Defender builders out there, built an electric one, and it’s being given away in an Omaze sweepstakes. Every donation supports the African Community & Conservation Foundation.


Want a V8 Silverado or Sierra that’s less fuel-efficient?

The global chip shortage has left the car industry in a pickle. To keep cranking out profitable pickups, Chevy and GMC will sell 5.3-liter V8 without their Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM) software.

DFM allows the engine to operate up to 17 different cylinder patterns for better fuel economy. Not having the technology will cost the affected trucks about 1 mpg. Many buyers were already going to the aftermarket to disable the technology, so it’s not clear if this will affect sales.


Here’s what Kia’s badass EV looks like

Kia revealed a first look of its new electric car, the EV6. The reveal was exceptionally short on details about the crossover, which should be a sporty Porsche rival…but Kia will be delighted to tell you everything you want to know about its new “Opposites United” design philosophy. Here’s hoping one of the higher-numbered EVs ends up being an electric Telluride.


And now for something a little different

Aether has built a Safari version of the 1980s legend Alfa Romeo GTV6, which has one of the best-sounding engines ever made. The GTV6 had a new gas tank installed, 6.5-inch lift and a front and rear suspension overhaul. The engine appears to have been left intact.


Lordstown Motors has some serious questions to answer

Lordstown Motors and its Endurance pickup received a lot of publicity during the presidential campaign. But Hindenburg Research, the firm that investigated apparent fraud at Nikola, has released a report detailing a number of allegations against Lordstown Motors…and the SEC is investigating the claims.


Bill and Ted had an excellent adventure in Porsche Taycans

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure stars Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves reunited for a fun — though not explicitly excellent, for copyright reasons — adventure through Southern California in Porsche Taycans. It’s worth a watch.

The Best Wiper Blades for Your Car

Windshield wipers may be the biggest afterthought on your car — but among the most important safety features.


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