A bumble bee photo from NMSU Extension Guide H-172, “Backyard Beneficial Insects in New Mexico.”

Right here are some inquiries and responses from a latest Completely ready, Set, Develop! Gardening Webinar.

Are all bees helpful?

For the most aspect, yes. Wild bees and honey bees have to have pollen and nectar to survive and establish their nests. Some bees can turn out to be pests when they develop nests in areas where people (or animals) reside and play, but even these bees offer you rewards as pollinators. A lot of bees glance for open cavities or cracks in trees and walls wherever they can construct their nests. To reduce bees from being pests in buildings, patch holes or use screening.

The place is the greatest put to dangle artificial bee residences?

Bee homes can be a excellent way to observe pollinators in your yard (and can be primarily enjoyment for young children). If you want to install just one, location it in an space in which it will not be in immediate daylight all working day (less than a tree or off the shadier aspect of a porch) and near bouquets and habitat assets. Take note: You should clear your bee houses just about every spring (immediately after outdated bees arise and prior to new bees are wanting to nest). The old, earlier employed properties can be a source of condition distribute and get rid of much more pollinators than they help. Just one strategy is to use rolled up paper linings in each individual hole. They can quickly be taken out and replaced on an yearly foundation.

Do all bugs see pixelated images?

Insects have compound eyes that are manufactured up of particular person lenses called ommatidium. The additional ommatidia an insect has, the clearer it can see. For instance, flies, praying mantises, and dragonflies normally have huge eyes with lots of ommatidia since they depend on vision to navigate the planet all over them. Other insects, like many beetles, ants, and aphids, have lesser eyes and use other senses to navigate.