Virtual Baby Shower Games, Gifts and Decorations | Hallmark Ideas &  Inspiration

Baby showers are a common tradition in Australia, and they’re an extraordinary event for any mother-to-be. Therefore, the guests need to ensure that the baby shower gifts are functional, memorable, and something the mother can use throughout her parenting journey.   

Swaddles and Jellycats in Australia are two of the most popularly gifted items relished equally by the mother and the baby. Conversely, gift-givers in Australia can also opt for distinctive gifts like pram footmuffs and liners.   

If you are looking for a unique baby shower gift, here are a few suggestions that will delight mommy, daddy, and their cute little bundle of joy.  

Swaddles and Wraps  

A baby swaddle or wrap is one of the most delightful baby shower presents a mother can get. They’re not only a helpful present that will be used frequently in the first few months, but they’re also adorable and ideal for newborn photo sessions.  

Playing Mats  

Once a couple has a baby, a playing mat is a must-have item in their home. Every child requires their personal space in which to roll around comfortably.   

Reversible playmats are a great gifting option. They sometimes include an informative print on one side, like the alphabet or numbers, and a much more basic alternative on the other, such as symmetrical figures or dots. 

As a result, you will be able to select the ideal style for the receiver’s residence.  

Feeding Sets 

A feeding set is among the most exciting and valuable baby presents. When newborns begin to eat solid foods, feeding accoutrements are a must-have item. These are lovely gift options, but they’re also beneficial, as they come with everything a mother would need to feed her baby. 

Jellycat Stuffed Toys  

Let’s face it! Children adore owning lines of jellycat bunnies in each colour available. As a result, it’s reasonable to believe that a baby can never own too many cuddly toys!   

These stuffed animals include puppies, unicorns, giraffes, monkeys, whales, and other aquatic creatures in various colours, sizes, and shapes, including green or blue bunnies. You can easily find Jellycats in Australia‘s gift shops, so they’re easy to get by.  

Pram Organisers  

A pram organiser is a valuable baby present that a new mother who values discipline and order will welcome. Pram organisers make going out with a small child in the stroller a breeze.

They have all the essentials for a brisk walk, including keys, a phone, pair of underpants, a bottle, and pacifiers, so the mother won’t have to carry the bulky nappy bag.  

Baby Carriers  

Baby carriers are an excellent baby present for a mother who enjoys being on the go. They’re also helpful when the baby doesn’t settle, and the mother wants to get some work done.  

Cosy Footmuffs  

Footmuffs are always a helpful baby present, no matter what time the baby is due. There’s no need to use comforters that slip off all the time and don’t keep the child warm.   

The parents can simply place a footmuff in the bub’s pram for the little one to cosy up in while they’re off and about.  

Wrapping Up  

After 9 months of waiting, the mother finally meets her baby. What better way to commemorate this occasion than a gift? Numerous businesses in Australia offer a diverse range of baby presents that are cost-effective and long-lasting keepsakes. 

Here’s hoping that the baby gift ideas shared in this article will help you find the perfect present for your loved ones. Happy shopping!