In this article are 3 ways to support the bees on #NationalHoneyBeeDay

Saturday, August 21, is #NationalHoneyBeeDay!

While many might fear the tiny bugs, honey bees have a large amount to offer you to the ecosystem and are essential in sustaining healthful ecosystems.

Honey bees do have the capability to sting but they are not generally intense. The insect will only sting to protect them selves when they feel threatened.

When you do appear in speak to with a bee, yelling and swatting at the pollinator will only make it even worse. Bees will perception the amplified warmth from your entire body and see it as a danger creating them to sting, in accordance to the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW). Just continue to be calm and shift absent.

We BEE-very long jointly – honey bees are nature’s ideal pollinators.

Without the need of the minimal critter, the development of flowering crops would sharply decrease, causing harmful impacts on human and animal life, according to Natural environment Florida.

Setting Florida reported that beekeepers are dropping an regular of 29% of honey bee colonies just about every wintertime, in modern several years.

3 approaches to assistance the honey bees

1. Plant extra pollinator-friendly & indigenous crops: These vegetation are the bee’s knees! They make the nectar and pollen that bees depend on, in accordance to CROW. Butterfly milkweed, gopher apple, coral honeysuckle, cabbage palm, and goldenrod are all terrific Florida native, bee-welcoming plants. These can be planted in your lawn, at parks, or even roadside. For a lot more plant options Simply click Right here.

2. Protect protected regions for bees these as state parks, wildlife refuges, and countrywide parks.

3. Reduce the use of bee-killing pesticides.

Amelia J. Bell

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