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Job posting has been popular on the internet. It has been trending and used by almost all people. Whether they want to hire people or they want to apply. This kind of site has been common for a couple of years and many sites continue to rise. Job posting sites have two kinds when it comes to target areas, international and local. International sites are those who are open to everyone, wherever your location is. Local job posting sites on the other hand focus on hiring people within their areas.

Advantages of Local Job Posting Sites

Getting target clients

If you are focused in the area you wish to market, setting of requirements will be easier. Being familiar with the lifestyle of your audience can be a big advantage for making a good market in your business. Employers will be able to set the area near them as their target market. Especially for office based jobs, since being near the vicinity of your work location is far better. Prospect employees as well will be more motivated to apply for the job post on the sites.

Time saving

Posting ads on your bulletin board in the office or on the streets can be tiring and time consuming. Some employers still prefer to do this especially with local employment. However, remember that technology has already formed a way to post job ads through local job posting sites. Designing simple ads and directly posting it on job sites can save you a lot of time than doing it offline.


Most job sites are so user friendly that it doesn’t require technical skills to navigate it. Some local job posting sites are designed in a very simple way, so people can be motivated to utilize them. Most just need you to fill out online forms, or choose from a drop down menu or just click some buttons to create an add or a profile. Making it as easy to attract more users.


Compared with getting recruitment agents to find a talent for you, local job posting sites can be cheaper, some are even free of use. Some may require payments but it is optional. The ones asking payment are for more features for you to use on the platform. If employers think the basic factors are enough then it’s totally free.

Accessible 24 hours

In an office set up acceptance of applicants will be limited to the office hours. But once you post it on local job posting sites, it will not require you to supervise it but it will still be there for 24 hours. Applicants can just apply anytime and employers can check it in their free time.

Easier scanning of candidates documents

Paperwork is handful especially during the recruitment process. Employers need to distribute works to human resource personnel to check applications. With local job sites documents can be attached and uploaded on an applicant’s profile and can just be scanned by the employer. It will be more organized and easier to check. With this kind of setting choosing will not be too hard.

Disadvantages of Local Job Posting Sites

High competition

Since the area is smaller compared if the job site is an international one, more applicants would flock. Therefore, the chances to be hired is slimmer. Applicants should be more competitive by exposing more skills they can do to stand out from the list of candidates. For employers, having more applicants can sometimes be good or sometimes not. It depends on how they see it. Lesser applicants means easier to choose or more applicants means more options.

Wrong way of advertising

Everything may be provided on job listing sites and technical skills may not be required. But if employers fail to make eye catching ads, tendency would be failure to attract the right candidates.

Local job postings sites may have its pros and cons but it is still your choice to create your account or not. Employers and applicants can only tell if they need it or not. Technology has been a big aid to everyone from businessmen to workers. Utilizing these opportunities like local job listing sites will be beneficial for us if we explore.