Q • I’m having difficulties with the determination of no matter whether or not to obtain my 6-calendar year-aged a cellphone. Think it or not, he is 1 of only a few in his to start with-grade course who won’t have just one. What are the pros and drawbacks for little ones this age?

From a reader • What are you imagining? There are not any professionals for a child this young to have a cellphone. Do your research on the net about the doable dangers of little ones employing cellphones. — Joel S. in Kansas Metropolis, Kansas

From Jodie Lynn • At 1st when studying your query, I imagined it was odd based mostly on your son’s age and the actuality that he was one of only a handful of in his classroom to not have a cellphone.

My initially intuition was to straight up convey to you not to try out to retain up with what other dad and mom are performing just so your son wouldn’t be tagged as being bizarre for not having one.

Then a good friend of mine with a kid your son’s age reminded me that even while her daughter will not have a particular cellphone, she does use her cellular phone. She also explained that most of her friends do the very same as nicely as making it possible for the children to use their iPad and laptop for research and digital classes.

The youngest child of this group was only 3.

At the moment, with even preschool courses virtual, these small children have to be on-line and are mastering about the electronic entire world (and really finding it up very rapidly).