Skoda has the “biggest advancement prospective” amid Volkswagen Group’s volume models due to the fact of its attraction to a lot more customarily minded budget prospective buyers, VW Group’s profits chief, Christian Dahlheim, claimed.

The brand’s clients have a social standing classed as middle to reduced, and seek features from their car earlier mentioned other demands, Dahlheim mentioned.

“Skoda is preferably positioned to deal with segments where by people are not in a position to find the money for larger priced cars,” Dahlheim claimed for the duration of an on the net presentation to analysts focusing on the positioning of VW Team manufacturers. “On the quantity facet in percentage phrases, Skoda has the largest expansion prospective.”

Skoda will not be repositioned to compete with Renault’s low expense manufacturer Dacia, Dahlheim claimed. “We will not like that comparison for the reason that we do not want to cut down Skoda to tapping into that competitor,” he mentioned. “Skoda has fabulous competition with the French models and, of system, Ford.”

Skoda’s “Only Intelligent” marketing and advertising slogan demonstrates the brand’s customer group, Dahlheim explained. Skoda “really should get consumers from other models, not our own,” he mentioned.

The VW model will stay a volume brand, targeting what Dahlheim known as the “Leading Quantity” sector. Most VW consumers get their cars and trucks through leasing or financing and will need significant residual values, he stated.

Skoda can earn additional prospects in the “standard mainstream” customer team with no heading downmarket, Dahlheim mentioned.

VW Group’s other quantity model, Seat and its Cupra functionality arm, delivers the youthful prospects to the team, he explained.