10 Best Amazon Seller Chrome Extensions in 2021

For platform sellers, Amazon Chrome extension plug-in might be especially helpful. We’ll examine in detail a few of the most popular browser extensions that you might want to install. We will give quick descriptions of each Chrome extension as well as a detailed analysis of some of its most well-liked features. If you’re looking for a list of Amazon Chrome extensions you can Go Now to Amazon website to boost productivity and perform real-time data analysis. 

  • Helium 10 X-Ray extension

The Amazon product research tool Helium 10 X-Ray gives customers access to a number of vital resources that might help you as an Amazon seller. The Profitability Calculator is the main aspect about which many vendors are enthusiastic. To calculate pricing margins and extract fees and charges from various products, this tool is quite helpful. Additionally, using the Amazon review checker, this program enables Helium 10 users to obtain product ratings from the customer reviews portion of the product page. Through this tool, inventory levels can also be tracked. This specific plugin has already helped thousands of Amazon merchants, so you might as well take advantage of the potential to profit as well. It is now one of the market’s most complete Amazon Chrome Extensions.

  • Viral launch

The Chrome extension for Viral Launch Market Intelligence would probably be of interest to you if you’re seeking for comprehensive Amazon analytical data. This market research tool is especially made for locating profitable products that are already offered on the Amazon platform. Users can also view pricing history, previous sales, revenue information, and many other useful aspects.

  • Jungle Scout Extension

Amazon merchants love using the Jungle Scout Chrome plug-in for Google Chrome. Real-time sales data, Amazon keyword research, including revenue, product rank, and more can all be outlined with this application. You can quickly and easily access the data you’re seeking for thanks to the handy extension interface. The United States of America and Canada are two of the eight nations where the Amazon marketplaces are now compatible with this Chrome add-on.

  • Amz Scout Pro

Finding profitable things to sell and trends is where AMZ Scout Pro shines. To establish whether a product can be sold profitably, there is also a profit-calculation tool that may be helpful. The AMZ Scout Pro version of this Chrome extension is available with a free trial for brand-new users to try out.

  • Rev Seller

Well-liked Chrome plug-in for Amazon sellers is called Revseller. To get all the information you need to decide quickly on a prospective new product idea, open it within the Amazon product pages. A built-in Amazon FBA calculator allows you to calculate your ROI and profit margin for your FBA business by breaking down price, shipping expenses, referral fees, and other costs.

  • SellerApp

With a brief review of price history, monthly sales, and opportunity score, the SellerApp plug-in component of the all-in-one software can assist in identifying the finest product ideas (listing quality or LSI). Additionally, you can discover the top keyword ideas that are generating sales for Amazon products. Additional features include price change alerts and a profit calculator to estimate potential. For any serious FBA sellers trying to advance their business, the comprehensive information provided by this plug-in is well worth the investment.

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