The Huawei Enjoy GT 3 is the company’s hottest smartwatch, providing an unbelievable health and fitness/well being experience, but a not-so extraordinary user expertise. The look at is great, but for the price tag Huawei is asking, I just want a minor much more.

You will find a good deal of competition in the smartwatch house, and Huawei is unquestionably at a downside: Huawei phones usually are not exactly in abundance in Australia and for a ton of people, a view that utilizes the same functioning process as their cellphone is a convenience like no other.

I unquestionably assume hugely of the Watch GT 3. Here’s what I uncovered from a 7 days of it strapped to my wrist.

Huawei Observe GT 3


Huawei’s most current smartwatch


RRP $449


The fitness/well being tracking smarts are extraordinary.


You can find restrictions in its Android/iOS compatibility.

The Huawei Enjoy GT 3

The Huawei Observe GT 3 is out currently. It will come in two dimensions, 46 mm and 42 mm (I’ve been examining the latter), and is accompanied by a 3rd smartwatch out today, the Huawei Watch Gt Runner. All equipment are run by Huawei’s own working system, HarmonyOS 2.1, but they do the job with Android and iOS phones.


Load Mistake

The greatest marketing issue with this factor is its health/conditioning monitoring abilities. From a ease perspective, a standout is the guarantee of a seven-day battery life (14 times if you decide for the 46 mm model), and from a gimmick point of view, the coolest feature is getting able to listen to audio even though on a run without the will need to have a phone.

Seem and experience

The enjoy is pretty. The deal with is modern, the curves are good, the dimensions of it is wonderful for my eyes, but not so much for my compact wrists. It appears really large and it was not the most comfortable issue to put on. That being mentioned, I haven’t worn a observe considering that the commence of Sydney’s lockdown final year, so sporting a check out of any description would have felt the exact. It is not major (35 grams), so it isn’t going to come to feel chunky or weigh my hand down when I am typing. Placing it subsequent to a Samsung Galaxy S3 watch, the deal with is a little even bigger on the Huawei GT 3, certainly, but not a ton, and as you can see from the picture beneath, the Apple Check out is essentially greater. It is really just my wrist. I would like a 40 mm or 38 mm choice maybe?

Image: Asha Barbaschow/Gizmodo Australia

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Graphic: Asha Barbaschow/Gizmodo Australia

The leather-based strap is good more than enough, I intentionally don’t individual anything leather-based but I respect a ton of people today associate it with luxury so can realize why Huawei made this selection.

Location it up

There is a respectable quantity involved in placing up the View GT 3, and the Huawei Wellness application doesn’t just make anything very clear up front. It does, nevertheless, provide you with a chunky privateness plan, certainly trying to do what it can to stop any feelings you could have close to nefarious knowledge-sharing techniques.

Right after downloading the Huawei Well being application, and making an attempt to ‘add’ your unit, you’re prompted to log in working with a Huawei account, but if you really do not have 1 (and really do not want a person) you can decide to log in making use of your Fb, Google account or Apple ID. At the time set up, electronic mail affirmation (if you selected to generate an account) and permissions are finished, you then have to go back again to the ‘add’ tab to include your check out. My Enjoy GT 3 wasn’t there, connecting it by way of my phone’s Bluetooth configurations fastened this, the view buzzed and we ended up superior to go….back again to the Huawei Health application. Pairing was successful, then I had to down load software update, which is fantastic. But, transferring the update to the observe took a although.

Three minutes shy of an hour experienced passed from when I strapped the enjoy to my wrist to when it was all set to use.

The facial area that comes with the observe is very hideous, but which is ok because there’s a tonne (and I signify a tonne – I in no way arrived at the end of the infinite scroll) to choose from, so there is no question you’ll obtain one that you like. You can even buy 1, but with so many no cost, I’m not certain why you would. I selected a person I liked, but my only grievance is I just can’t transform the date structure from American to simple (04/25 it reads now).

The Huawei Health and fitness application

Within the application, I entered all the things. RIP my data. Huawei now is familiar with my fat, fat goal, peak, peak intention (jokes), date of delivery and site. You can also toggle on/off which apps you will obtain notifications from on your cellphone (a lot more on that afterwards).

You can do a decent volume from the app – the house screen has a tonne of details at a glance and there’s a dedicated tab to established up physical exercise objectives. There is a large amount you can do. But, the application feels unfinished – it feels like I’m employing a dev’s screening app. It’s not thoroughly clean and the characteristics just appear to be organised haphazardly.

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The app data all of your details and you will find a whole lot you can get out of it, specially if you use all of the overall health/health and fitness capabilities and applications.

The apps on the Enjoy GT 3

The Huawei Check out GT 3 has a tonne of apps put in, but as opposed to with the Apple Enjoy, for case in point, you just can’t insert/eliminate them. Navigating close to them is quick, a gentle slide and you can see all of them.

Listing all of the applications would be a pointless workout but some standouts to me are the ‘breathe’ app that walks you by a tremendous brief meditation-like workout to refocus. Speaking of anxiety, there’s also an app that actions your stress. I had to solution queries in the Huawei Overall health app equivalent to those of a psych evaluation, this kind of as ‘Do you get irritated really quickly?’ Indeed. The respond to is of course. But I experienced to answer inquiries close to my self-really worth and Huawei, this is a little too substantially, doll. But it in fact was a fantastic element. There was a minute on Wednesday in which I felt my coronary heart level climb and the app explained to me I was a tiny stressed. It produced me cease and assume why. The reply was my initially working day outside of my condominium all-around individuals given that contracting COVID.

This is the fantastic example of the dilemma with handing over your health-related (and emotional) facts – if I didn’t notify Huawei how I sense about daily life, how would the View GT know to explain to me to just take a crack and chill? It’s a tremendous intriguing conundrum.

There is also of course the methods tracker, training trackers that include everyday/month to month targets. One of our Gizmodo dads makes use of a previous model Huawei look at and he life by it. His a single ask for was the addition of an incline checking feature – the Check out GT 3 can evaluate your actions, energy burned, Sp02 stages so why cannot it choose up when you happen to be trekking up a mountain? Sorry Mr Matheson, potentially with the future update.

There’s a telephone ping, pores and skin temperature monitoring – even with no incline tracking, the Huawei Observe GT 3 is basically ideal for somebody who is energetic and likes to visualise their progress. Post-COVID Asha greater look out, this look at is likely to get sweaty.

I wore the look at to mattress so I could observe my slumber. It was awkward, but tolerable. I now use a Google Nest Hub to observe my snooze (mainly because I am a pretty lousy sleeper) and this was what I was offered with after night just one.

Image: Asha Barbaschow/Gizmodo Australia

© Supplied by Gizmodo Australia
Impression: Asha Barbaschow/Gizmodo Australia

I’m inclined to believe the check out as it really is strapped to my physique, versus the Nest Hub that makes use of sensors to observe my respiration. My sleep during the week of examining wasn’t the greatest as I was struck by Ms Covid. This is also the reason I didn’t get the absolute most out of the health and fitness functions. You will find a good deal I have not mentioned, such as the addition of more than 100 training modes (indoor, outdoor, professional), an AI running coach, heart price checking. Actually, this view displays a great deal. But there’s also, of training course, the potential to remedy calls on it, which was obvious, loud enough and reports from the other conclusion was that it was the “clearest I have at any time heard your voice with out remaining in actual lifetime”.

Oh. The Huawei Observe GT 3 also tells the time. Unbelievable.

I type-of want far more from the applications – I want to be able to set up Slack to reply to do the job messages, Messenger to chat with close friends, Gmail so I can see if an crucial electronic mail has appear in although I am out – you get the thought. It does do the job with an Android and iOS phone, but it does not behave just about anything like a Galaxy Watch or an Apple View, it’s more just a actually, genuinely excellent health and fitness tracker shaped like a watch that notifies you of factors that are happening on your telephone.

Notifications, hit and miss

Notifications exhibit up on the Huawei View GT 3 with a light buzz. This slight vibration is more than enough to let you know a thing on your cellphone needs your interest, but not adequate to thoroughly distract you. From a UI perspective, it naturally employs the Huawei Harmony OS application, so even nevertheless you could be having a notification on an Apple iphone, it renders entirely distinctive on the watch. Apart from a handful of supported apps, there’s no telling what application a information has occur through by way of – it all just seems as ‘message’. Which is fantastic, it’s just an odd encounter. Oh, pictures sent to your cellphone really do not present up on the enjoy display like they do on an Apple Check out. This is also high-quality.

Applying an Apple iphone AND a Google Pixel, the Huawei Enjoy GT 3 does not honour the phone’s do not disturb configurations. Donning the look at to bed intended even when my notifications have been snoozed, the check out would vibrate. You just cannot established a timer or everything for this – it is only notifications on or off. Fortunately this is straightforward adequate to modify in-application, but it would be terrific if the Huawei Look at GT 3 could consider on the phone pre-sets.

The notification from the watch to convey to me to get up and go is kind-of sweet, so I’ll give it that.

You can use the watch without the need of a telephone

The perfect use for this is doing some training – having to shove my cellular phone into my shorts or crop leading is not relaxed one particular little bit, nor is it very good for my mobile phone. With the Look at GT 3, Huawei has introduced in a way to hear to tunes without the need of a cellular phone.

The catch in this article is that you want to have an Android phone. Why? Mainly because the music file demands to be uploaded to your watch and as you can’t use an Apple iphone as a really hard travel like you can an Android cell phone, this simply just isn’t probable. But, you can use any flavour earbuds by means of the check out to enjoy the track/s.

The Huawei Look at GT 3, the verdict

The Huawei Look at GT 3 is a good exercise coach and overall health tracker. If you might be likely to use all of these functions to their comprehensive possible, you can adore the GT 3. If you happen to be hunting for a smartwatch that can make your everyday mobile phone use a lot easier (for instance if you want to slice your monitor time down but nonetheless want to be alerted to the essential stuff), then this possibly is not for you and you need to get a smartwatch that makes use of the exact same running procedure as your cellular phone.

It’s working day 5 and the battery is still at 43 for every cent. I have no doubts it will surpass the 7-working day guarantee. It is really not frequently I say this, but I’m pretty bummed I have to give the Huawei Check out GT 3 back again – I could get a lot out of it when I emerge out of the COVID-induced exercising slump.


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