Residential and commercial solar panel systems need maintenance to preserve their functional state as well as their durability. Investing in a solar panel system is good as it can provide your convenience and even let you save more by cutting your electricity bills, therefore you need to be able to maintain it, for you to enjoy more years of usage. Just like any other thing, the solar panel system needs Solar Panel Maintenance and monitoring to avoid damages that can affect its overall performance. 

Q&A on Solar Panel Maintenance

How Often Do You Have to Clean Solar Panels?

Annual cleaning should be done by solar technicians to get read of any dust or foreign elements accumulation. Since this can affect the function of the solar panel if not removed. However, if solar panels are already too dirty they have to be immediately cleaned even if it’s not yet its annual schedule. Your solar panels need to be clean to be able to function 100%, if it is covered with dust or any foreign elements it fails to absorb the needed solar power. Some solar panel installers include the annual cleaning in the warranty services, therefore you just have to pay extra for unscheduled cleaning. 

How Long is the Warranty Period for Solar Panels?

The standard period for warranty for solar panels is from 15 to 25 years. Investing in solar panels will not be a waste since it can serve you for a long time. You are however responsible for its maintenance to be able to retain its efficiency to work 100%. Take note that solar panels also deteriorate with long usage, maintenance can however extend its durability. Maximize your warranty by having it monitored every time it is needed. 

How Does Weather Affect the Solar Panels?

Since solar panels are often mounted on the roof, they are made durable enough to withstand winds, rains, snow, and more. However, you will still be responsible to have them be cleared from debris after the rains or snow to avoid further damage. Check them now and then after rains or snow to be able to monitor the condition of your solar panels. Make sure they don’t have cracks or spots, since this can lead to greater damages when not repaired immediately. 

How Can I Monitor my Solar Panel System Condition?

Most solar companies have remote access systems that they use to be able to monitor your solar panel’s condition, some may even provide your home monitoring system so you can check on it as needed. On the monitoring system, alerts are made if some of the solar panel structures have errors. This will be a good device for you to be able to know If something needs to be fixed.  

How are Solar Panels Repaired?

Repairs will be best done by professionals, once you notice an error or blemishes on your solar panels immediately contact your solar panel technicians so they can address the issue immediately. They are trained enough to evaluate what’s needed to be done and they can prevent further damage. Some damages are covered by warranty but some are not. Remember to avoid repairing your solar panel system on your own since you might cause more damage to it rather than fixing it. Let the solar technicians do their job by merely giving them a call to assess the concern and do the necessary repair or replacement. Solar panel structures are sensitive when it comes to getting errors fixed since they have to know which one has errors or which one is broken.    

Solar panel durability can be preserved if it is monitored properly. As your investment, be responsible enough to know if it needs cleaning or repair. They can last longer and function well if taken care of regularly. The panels, structures, and wiring need to be intact to be able to work efficiently. Don’t hesitate to contact your technicians whenever you need them, they can provide 24/7 services since they value their client’s needs. Regular maintenance is better than total damage, it will cause you more money and more trouble if that happens. So always make sure your solar panel system gets the solar panel maintenance they need.