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A sun shade sail is a large fabric canopy you can string up to provide shade from the sun in the outdoors. It is a temporary, effective, and affordable solution for enjoying the outdoors without getting sunburned. Because of their simplicity and ease of installation, especially when compared to awnings, sun shade sails are fast becoming popular.

Uses of Sun Sail Shades

In addition to protecting you from the searing heat of the summer sun, sun shades also help to block the hazardous UV radiation contained in the sun’s rays that is responsible for many diseases, including skin cancer. These canopies also help keep the area cooler by 10-20 degrees and also provide protection against dust, light rain, and snow. You can set up a sun shade just about anywhere, but nowadays, you will find it mostly used in the backyard covering patios and sun decks. According to Forbes, a sail is an economical option for getting shade during the summer.

Sun Shade Sail Installation Considerations

Compared to the other sun protection methods, installing sun shades is relatively simple. However, you need to consider a few factors:  

The location and size: The best place to put up a custom sun shade sail is where your backyard receives the maximum direct sunshine. If you are considering covering the patio, you need to decide whether to cover it with a single large canopy or use multiple sun shades that can give you the flexibility to leave some sections uncovered. You should also keep in mind the sun is not in the same place all day, so installing a shade to protect yourself from the mid-morning sun may not be effective for the afternoon. Pick a spot where the sail will shelter you for the maximum time. Also, remember that you will need to use a shade smaller than the area you want to cover since your anchor points will be further apart.

The anchor points: To install the sun shade sail, you need to find strong anchor points. You can use the sides of your home and shed, but in case the spot is a little distant, you may need to install sturdy metal or wooden posts. It is not a good idea to use trees, lampposts, or flag poles since they are not strong enough and may break, especially if it is windy. You can install lights atop the posts, so they continue to be of use even when you take down the shade during winter.

Obstacles: You will need to plant the installation to work around obstacles such as trees, large landscaping boulders, or even outdoor grills. The smoke and fumes of the grill can discolor the shade and it could also be a fire hazard.


A sun shade sail is useful for giving your family protection from the intense light and heat of the sun during summer. You can choose from many shapes and sizes and even get one custom-made. A good-quality shade will last for many years, especially if you install it right and take it down in very windy or stormy weather.