The new baby is on its way and you are preparing to get his/her room ready. There is one thing a new mother always wants for their baby’s bedroom and that is something unique. Wall decals are perfect for this new space especially since you can get them in any color and they are not permanent. You can change the wall decor as your baby grows.
You will probably want to decorate your baby’s room with a theme that you have chosen carefully. Maybe you decide on a jungle theme or a princess theme or even a farm animal theme. After painting the walls the color of your theme, you will most likely find some great pictures to hang as well. Add in some figurines, toys, and bedding and you might think the room is complete.

There are some great ideas for nursery rooms using vinyl graphics. These include a variety of lovable animals that can be purchased in coordinating colors and multiple sizes. Some vinyl companies give you the option to choose to have these animals done facing the opposite direction. With this, you can have an assortment of vinyl wall animals jumping all around your new baby’s room and it won’t break your decor budget.
A coordinating wall monogram should be applied over your new baby’s bed. This wall decal can be created in a font that fits the style of your new decor whether it is elegant or fun. You could also choose to do your baby’s full name in vinyl lettering instead.
Another item that you should apply to your baby’s wall is the alphabet and numbers. Your infant will spend a lot of time in his or her new room; make use of this time by giving them something educational to look at. Even though they may not learn the letters and numbers for several years, it won’t hurt for them to gaze at these daily. If your ceilings are smooth, try applying these letters on the ceiling above your baby’s bed. 
The final piece of décor that is a must for all new nurseries is a growth chart. You can choose to use the classic chart where you stand the child against the door frame and mark it there but what if you have to move? There are companies now that sell vinyl growth charts. These can be adhered to any of your walls and can be removed if you have to move. You can buy these growth charts to match your décor. If you have a jungle theme then you can get a chart with monkeys hanging on it, a girly one will have polka dots, etc. These are a must have for your new nursery.
The baby’s room can be as fancy or fun as you want to make it. Just remember that vinyl wall graphics are not permanent so you can change them to go along with the growth of your child.

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