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Struggling to enhance organic traffic on your website? Planning to revamp SEO strategy and considering video marketing to boost organic visitors?

Our tips can help. 

Before beginning with how to plan video marketing, let’s understand why organic traffic matters and the reasons to boost natural visitors.

Organic traffic is a vital ingredient for a successful digital marketing campaign. A desirable and strategic flow ensures a high volume of business and eventually a handsome turnover.

If top ads on SERP demotivates you about investing in organic traffic, consider the following pointers and never underestimate the power of natural growth of engagement for sustainable business growth.

  • The organic traffic generated and engagement is free. You need investment for SEO experts and content creators, but none for engagement.
  • Google algorithms like organic traffic because of its low bounce rate, longer sessions, and more pages per session. Organic traffic improves ranking on SERP and boosts the authority of the website.
  • Organic traffic generally attracts qualified leads. These people have a higher probability to convert and close the sales cycle compared to paid campaigns. In addition, higher conversion means better business growth.
  • An organic traffic generation campaign needs much less budget than a PPC campaign. Thus, it is an ideal option for startups and small business owners.

The above points reiterate that organic traffic is vital for your business. You can maximize impact by inserting videos in the SEO strategy here. Businesses can use video editors or leading video editing tools to create quality and relevant video content to generate highly qualified natural visitors.

Tips to curate video marketing for higher organic growth

Videos are the perfect mode of communication. A study says videos have better engagement, retention, and recall capacity—three vital requirements for traffic and successful business. You should opt for sound video marketing strategies for higher organic growth because:

  • The smartphone generation consumes data for video streaming more than ever. So, your audience is watching videos, and your campaign should address them online.
  • As per recently published data by Cisco, more than 81 per cent of their traffic comes through videos. In addition, Google algorithms consider inbound traffic for higher ranking.
  • Quality videos made on leading video editing tools attract good backlinks. Videos encourage visitors for longer sessions and engagement on the page. They help in making your website authorised and trustworthy for Google.
  • Moreover, attractive videos, relevant content, and longer sessions on the website lead to conversions and brand building.

Here are some tips for optimum utilization of video marketing for enhanced organic traffic.

Tips for video marketing and SEO

  • Edit the Video/s

Making a video is half work done, and the next half is finding a proper video editor tool. Video editing is a vital part of the whole process. You should consider a leading and reliable tool with multiple colors, themes, and other options for the best outcome.

  • Meta Data

Include Meta Description, Meta Tag, and Snippet in your videos. This is because Google crawlers identify content with MetaData.

  • Promote through Other Means

Apart from Google, email campaigns and social media channels are highly effective modes to promote your videos. People can watch your videos on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Link on Emailer. If they like your videos, they will search for more of your products, companies, and services on Google.

It will give direct and qualified organic traffic with high chances of conversion.

  • Thumbnails are crucial

People on social media, YouTube, and other video streaming platforms spend only a couple of seconds deciding whether to watch or leave your video content. So, to hook your audience, effective thumbnails and titles are crucial. Prepare short thumbnails and titles in a couple of words that offer the crux of your video content.

Complement thumbnails with attractive color patterns, theme, and layout. Make your videos short, preferably 30 to 90 seconds with the core message.

  • Add Video Content on the Website

Along with posting videos on YouTube, Facebook, and other channels, you should also post them on the website. Add these videos directly on the website instead of using links. Forwarded links can discourage visitors to watch, particularly if the network connection is weak as such external links fail to open.

  • Transcription for Video/s

Transcription has become a common practice lately with preference from search engines. The crawlers of Google do not read videos; they need keywords and text. Thus, you should transcribe the video content to aid the search engines in understanding your content.

Since we are talking about generating organic traffic, it is also essential to consider how people watch videos. Generally, people watch videos on the go, mostly at low volume or on mute. If there is transcription, they can consume videos easily anywhere anytime. This will lead to higher organic traffic and an increase in ranking as well.

  • Internal Linking for Website Authority

Internal linking, as the name suggests, links pages within the website and builds authority for the page. It also boosts user experience with easy navigation, defined architecture, and better UI & UX. You may consider linking pages in your content to improve user experience.

  • CTA in Video

The goal of any marketing campaign is the sale of its services or products. To attain this goal, an organization inserts Call to Action (CTA) in text, videos, and other marketing strategies. Similarly, you should also put CTA in your videos to attract maximum visitors. You can give discounts, exclusive membership, and so on.

  • Keyword Research and Add Subtitles

Do thorough research about keywords such as long-tail keywords, negative keywords, and others. Subtitles can be a great video marketing strategy if you plan to go beyond local shores. For example, a company in Delhi can use Bengali sub-titles to target customers in Bengali-speaking populations in any part of India and the globe.

  • Other Tips
  • Curate a story and emotionally connect with the target audience. Add value to viewers through video content.
  • Conduct an A/B test to measure the outcome of video marketing for organic traffic generation.

Concluding Remarks

Video marketing is the ultimate method to boost organic traffic and excel in business. Videos are capable of providing outstanding results for SEO strategies. Create videos that connect with people and provide value. The content should be relevant and professionally edited with advanced video editors or video editing tools.