Ask anyone born in the United States about what the American dream means, and there is a good chance he will mention a spouse, two kids, a dog, and a home with a white picket fence. This simple wood fence installation is just a boundary marker. Still, it represents a historical ideal and significance in American culture that some hold in high esteem – and others regard with cynicism.

Picket Fence History

After the Revolutionary War, the early colonial days in American history saw some pretty harsh conditions. They, therefore, called for sturdy, practical, and simple fence designs. This classic fencing installation originated from medieval palings made of round stakes or flat strips of locally found wood. A white picket cedar fence was probably more expensive during the colonial days, mainly if the wood was brought from a location several miles away.

Wood Fence Installation

The idea of a wood fence did not always refer to the American suburban experience or your place on the socioeconomic ladder. As many cities required them as a property limit marker, the sight of a picket fence or any other wooden fence was expected.

While a basic cedar fence is also suitable for homes today, there are various kinds of quality wood fence installation by that provides an attractive landscaping option you can choose to install in your yards. It will continue to represent the dismissal of middle-class dreams for some and homeownership for others.

While wood fence installations are more diverse today, you can still find this particular type of fence’s continued use. They always appeal to many homeowners’ sense of style, aesthetics, and a desire to maintain an architectural connection to America’s history. While a homeowner may decide to erect this fence instead of other cedar fence equivalents to show that they have achieved the American dream, many still find wood fences useful for practical reasons. It keeps animals in or out of a yard, outlines a property, and can serve as an attractive addition to a landscaping plan.

The Symbolism of The Wood Fences

Many consider this fence to have social and cultural expectations, such as homeownership, marriage, having a respectable job, and raising a family. Some may even say a white picket fence separates the haves from the have-nots. Others see it as an ideal that represents a desire to live in a friendly community that shares the same social norms and expectations.

There is an idea of perfection associated with the white picket fence, which has been the target of several media sources. Books such as Anne of Green Gables and Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer, and TV shows like “Desperate Housewives” and “Picket Fences” all describe a sort of hypocrisy behind the lifestyle used to represent.

When seen as a symbol of middle-class suburban life, it is often countered with negative aspects of the seemingly perfect lifestyle it represents: keeping prying eyes away and shameful secrets locked behind the front door. In the end, it’s just a matter of your interpretation.