Diamond rings are a woman’s best friend-the perfect accessory to complement her wardrobe, no matter what she is rocking her trusty diamond engagement ring for. And when it comes to diamonds, women have many options to choose from when updating their existing rings. For example, rings with smaller cut diamonds are now more popular than ever. However, even when shopping for diamond engagement rings with a small diamond, one must be careful to buy wholesale diamond jewelry with a high-quality cut to avoid paying too much for a lesser quality diamond.

Fashion Trends in Jewelry Design

And while it is true that most men do not like loose diamonds, this does not mean that you should avoid purchasing them, especially if you want to pamper yourself with the latest fashion trends in jewelry design and style, you can even design your own diamond engagement rings.

An alternative to loose diamonds is a ring with a larger diamond at the center of the ring. Smaller and colorful stones could surround the center stone on either side of the ring to ring a three-dimensional appearance. This type of ring design is beautiful when the center stone is a stunning pink or rose quartz.

However, loose diamonds still pose a problem when shopping for jewelry design. First, there are the usual problems of size and weight. A woman cannot wear an oversized diamond earring if she is wearing a small-sized pair of earrings. Also, loose diamonds may be more difficult to place many diamonds in a small earring setting because the earring hooks may not accommodate too many diamonds.

Experienced Jewelry Designer

And while an experienced jewelry designer would recommend that an individual purchase their diamond ring directly from the jewelry store, the buyer should also consider the risk of buying a less than desirable Diamond at bargain prices. One of the best ways to tell if a diamond ring is a good deal or not is to examine the four Cs of diamond diamonds carefully. The Diamond must be colorless, flawless, and have an excellent quality certificate. The Diamond also has to be certified by one of three organizations, the American Gem Society, the American Registry of Diamond Ownership, and the National Assessor of Currency. However, if a person can find the time to research the four Cs, they would discover excellent value items at wholesale prices.

As far as the gemstone is concerned, the best places to find them are direct wholesalers or online auctions. When shopping at an online auction, a shopper should always check for loose diamonds. An online auction is probably the best place to shop for high-quality diamonds at wholesale prices because all the retailer has to-do list the item for sale. No middle man has to be involved, thus eliminating any markup and wholesale cost that would typically occur.

The Internet is an excellent place for people to find the perfect ring custom made for them. Many different designs are available. People need to know what type of cut they are looking for in a diamond. Once they see the kind of Diamond they are looking for, they have to click on the picture and go to the website for the store that sells the specific diamonds. At that time, they will see all the Diamond details and decide if they want that particular Diamond. Wedding bands for the perfect ring custom designed for the bride and groom are easily found on the web for a fraction of what they would usually be offered at a jewelry store.