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Australia is already one of the world’s warmest countries. However, summer stickiness doesn’t have to be a problem, as there are a variety of air conditioners on the market to help. This could be an ideal answer for houses in the southern states, where temperatures fluctuate rapidly. 

Buying a new air conditioning system may be a confusing process. It would help if you thought about everything from the size of the room to your budget etc. It is equally important to identify and analyse your needs before deciding what to buy.

Additionally, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from, making the shopping process even more difficult. But, the pain of shopping is well worth it if you find the perfect appliance for your residence. Though it is not as simple as simply purchasing an air conditioner and mounting it to a wall, Gree air conditioners can be your dependable choice. 

Additionally, numerous other factors will assist you in making sound judgments.

Types of Air Conditioners

Several air conditioners are available, each with its price and space needs. The most common ones in Australia are:

  • Split System: A split system air conditioner cools the air in a single room by pumping in cold air and taking out heat. They have an indoor wall-mounted unit and a separate outdoor compressor that moves the heat from the cooled area. Compared to other systems, they are usually quieter. The reason is that the compressor, which makes the majority of the noise, is on the outside. 

Split systems aren’t always powerful enough to cool a whole house, and they can be expensive to set up.

  • Reverse System: Reverse system air conditioners may produce both hot and cold air. It permits you to maintain a pleasant temperature in your house throughout the year. These systems can be a worthwhile investment for people who live in areas where unpredictable weather can be.
  • Portable System: Portable air conditioners are a good option if you need to cool a small area. These appliances are easy to transport and can be purchased at any time. However, their range is restricted, making them inefficient in more open spaces.
  • Walls/Windows System: This is best suited for medium- to large-sized rooms. The air conditioning unit in the house is more powerful than a portable air conditioner. It cleans the air and then pumps the heated air outside through an outlet or hose. However, some are powered via plugs, which necessitates bulky extension cords. It might not be quiet and takes high energy to run.
  • Duct System: These are the most expensive to install. If you want to keep your home cool, you’ll also need a compressor outdoors. The better news is that ducted air conditioning is the most efficient way to cool your house. Air conditioning systems like these are standard in many big businesses, including hospitals and offices.

You might also want to look for fancy features that may be well worth it. For instance:

  • Built-in sensors that detect occupancy and vacancy
  • Sleep mode setting
  • Louvres
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air filters

Final Thoughts

It’s natural to believe that all air conditioners are the same; they all perform the same function, correct? Regrettably, it is not the case.

Apart from other considerations, you must keep the system’s energy efficiency as measured by its energy star rating. You may select Gree air conditioners that meet all criteria.

Remember, the more stars an air conditioner has, the more energy-efficient it is. As a result, the less money it will cost to operate.