How to Open Your Own Paint and Sip Studio - Small Business Trends

You live in a world where you don’t have much time for what you like. Recently, many companies and employees have realised the worth of arranging artistic workshops for the office staff so that employees can relax and explore their creative selves. 

Many have been talking about the paint and sip parties these days. If you wish to plan a private session for your employees in the future, you should know what happens in these sip and paint sessions to get better clarity. If you haven’t had the experience yet, you might like what you read in this article. 

What is a sip and paint party?

As you get a hint for the name, it is a private session organised for a group of people in a high-energy environment. The surroundings for a sip and paint party are very selective. It gives you a chance to observe your surroundings and seek inspiration. The session is conducted by experienced professionals who will assist you in creating a painting. 

As you start the session, you are offered a drink and meal. Mostly, the organiser is asked beforehand, and accordingly, the event planners serve wine, beer, or any other option according to preference. 

Wondering what to expect from the session?

While planning a session like this for your team, you don’t need to bother with arranging any material. The event host or organisers will put everything you’ll need to have a fun and engaging session. All the painting supplies will be provided at the venue. There will be a brief introduction to the group about what they have to do and how they need to start. 

While booking a studio to host the event, please ensure that you check their policies. Some studies allow you to BYOB and meals. While on the other hand, some offer dinner and drinks at the venue. 

What is the duration of the session?

The duration of the session may vary depending on the studio or organisers you choose. A paint and sip session lasts about two to three hours. While enquiring about the session, you can ask these questions and get them altered if required. You can even book an entire evening if the studio allows. 

Who is eligible to participate in such painting sessions?

As the session includes drinks while creating stunning art, a minor is not allowed in the studio unless they are accompanied by someone eligible. When you choose a studio to book paint and sip sessions, you can find their age eligibility criterion on their website. Kindly go through these details before you book a session. Mainly, adults participate in their sessions and are primarily above 25. 

Can you sip and eat while painting?

Yes, of course, you can do that. There are separate counters near your canvas where you can keep your food and glass. Don’t bother and worry about dripping paint in your food. However, each studio will have different settings, and you should enquire about it before your booking. 

Can you attend a painting session without knowing anything about painting?

Everyone is welcome to attend a sip and paint session. You don’t need to know how to paint. There’ll be an instructor who will guide you through the event and help you create beautiful paintings. They will tell you how to mix colours, stroke your brush, and even clean your mess. 

You will cherish the time and bond you develop at a creative workshop. So, are you willing to attend a session to relax and spend the evening with your teammates? Look for prominent studios that can arrange a flawless painting session for you in Australia.