The bride selected an overly revealing outfit for the wedding, as a final result of which she was criticized on the community. Journalists from The Solar drew attention to the corresponding discussion on Facebook.

So, in a picture posted on social networks, a woman poses in a beige marriage dress with a deep neckline and lace trim. At the same time, the outfit is produced of a translucent fabric as a result of which her breasts are visible.

In accordance to the publication, in the responses, some customers regarded the outfit “amazing”, but most people today shamed the bride for a clear corset. “This is great, but I would be fearful that my family will see my charms”, “I … can I see the bride’s nipples?” They reported.

In September, a bride was shamed by family for a wedding gown from a low-priced retail outlet. The female stated that she did not want to devote a large amount on a wedding day costume, and as a end result acquired a “dream dress” in the mass industry retailer H&M. Despite criticism from kinfolk and good friends, netizens expressed admiration for the preferred outfit.