Drug Abuse & Addiction Symptoms, Facts on Health Effects & Treatment

We all are aware of drugs and their harmful effects. But do you know that some drugs are used for making lifesaving medicines? Yes, many pharmaceutical companies all over the globe are using drugs as the key materials from these details in their production of tablets and pills. 

Due to these wide varieties of drugs, it has become important for the officials to categorized them and list them according to their use. Here are few common types of drugs according to their class. Before starting with this, you must never get confused between classes of drugs and schedules of drugs. They both are different and can’t be termed together. 

  • Narcotics

According to the US congress, Narcotics are an illegal type of drug. No doubts that Narcotics is banned in most of the first and second world country by their official governments. In the Oxford dictionary, Narcotics are considered a drug that can affect the human brain in a harmful way.

Although, some of the drug experts and pharmaceutical scientists refer to Narcotics as a drug that helps the person to relax, sleep comfortably or a drug that stops intense pain. Many popular tattoo artists use narcotics and inject them into the client’s body to overcome the pain generated from tattoo machines. 

Yet, we will suggest you stay away from narcotics. Consuming them may cause long-run problems, and there are extreme chances of fatality. Some common types of narcotics are Opium, Heroin, Hydrocodone, Morphine, and many more. 

  • Depressants

People, especially adults often tempt to drink, smoke, and consume additives to relieve mental level depression as well as for physical body relaxation. Alcohol is widely used as a depressant among teenagers these days. 

But what makes them so dangerous? Normally, a depressant, better known as a central depressant, is a class of drug which lowers neurotransmission levels. A reduced neurotransmission level will cause the human body to feel drowsy, and personal loses control over his/her muscle which results in a lack of coordination.

There is a huge possibility of a person falling asleep after 2 to 3 hours from taking depressants.

  • Stimulant

Stimulant is the only class of drug which is approved by many well-known medical institutions and global organizations. Although, some types of Stimulants are still kept banned in most countries for the public as well as medical usage.

Stimulant is opposite from depressants. Unlike the depressant drugs, a stimulant trigger brain cell and nervous system which in turn helps to increase muscle coordination. In short, they increase the activity in the nervous system by targeting adrenergic receptors of the human brain.

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